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What is mobile home insurance?

As with any structure called home, mobile homes can and should be insured to protect your finances from various risks. Purchasing a mobile home is an investment that would not be easy to replace if a disaster hit. The right mobile home insurance policy offers protection for your home, possessions and finances.

What are the benefits of mobile home insurance?

Like homeowners insurance, mobile home insurance offers a variety of coverages. Some of the most common coverages include the following:

  • Dwelling: Covers the physical structure of your mobile home from a variety of disasters such as fire and theft.

  • Contents: Covers your furniture, kitchen appliances, clothing, electronics and other belongings. You may need extended coverage for valuables like jewelry and antiques
  • Living Expenses: Pays your additional living expenses when your home is unlivable due to a covered loss.

  • Liability: Covers you if an accident on your property causes injury or property damage. This includes medical and legal expenses.

  • Trip collision: Covers your mobile home while it is in transit.

Unlike homeowners insurance, mobile home insurance offers Flood and Earthquake insurance. Separate policies are not necessary.

How much insurance should you carry?

There are two main types of mobile home insurance: 

Stated Value and Replacement Cost.

Stated Value
(ACV or “cash value”) coverage is very different from Replacement cost coverage. It is designed to compensate you for the loss to your mobile home with a monetary settlement equal to the value of your home at the time of loss less your deductible. 

The actual cash value of your home changes constantly. The ACV can be figured many ways. Among these are; using the sales price less depreciation, using the 
Blue Book value, and using recent sales prices in your area for similar homes.  An ACV policy would be a good choice to insure a secondary/seasonal dwelling in which you have a small amount invested. It may also be a good choice if you would not actually replace the mobile home if it was destroyed. 

Replacement Cost coverage is generally a better value than. It eliminates a significant depreciation risk at time of loss and is preferred by lenders.  

Replacement cost coverage is designed to replace your mobile home with a
new mobile home of like kind and quality. 
In most cases, the Replacement Cost of your mobile home is much higher than the sales or purchase price. This is because a NEW home costs more than a used home.When considering a Replacement Cost Policy, Unless the home being insured is new, the purchase price of the home should not be considered. 

Replacement Cost coverage is generally a better value than ACV or “cash value” coverage. It eliminates a significant depreciation risk at time of loss and generally provides a higher level of coverage. 

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